Beautiful top knitted with our alpaca yarn by a customer Adorable teddies made out of gorgeous alpaca fibre Rabbit hutch ($80.00) (click on image for a closer view) Chook House($500,00)(click on image for a closer view)

NB * animal sales New Zealand only

Warwickz Farm For Sale Page

Warwickz Farm has a host of items including craft creations and cuddly critters for sale over the year either online and delivered or purchased from the Farm or Barn

Imminent New Season Arrivals

Spring has sprung and Warwickz Farm is looking forward to the arrival of many young critters including lambs, piglets, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkeys, chickens,doves, quail, peacocks, guinea pigs and rabbits as we head into late 2018

Our gorgeous minilop rabbit kits and Enderby Island rabbits are due in the next couple of weeks and will be ready to go to their new homes before Christmas.

It would pay to get your orders in early to avoid dissappointment.

Contact us
for more information or to order your delightful Warwickz Farm critter.

Alpaca Singlets

These adorable singlets are made out of 100% Warwickz Farm alpaca and are wonderfully soft and warm and snuggly for baby. Specially designed for baby by Elaine these singlets are very stretchable which makes them ideal for newborn bubs who will luxuriate in them as the months go by and they get older and bigger.

Cost is $NZ20.00 plus postage


A rolag is created by first carding the fibre, using handcarders, and then gently rolling the fibre off the cards. Properly prepared, a rolag will be uniform in width, distributing the fibres evenly. The word derives from the Scottish Gaelic word for a small roll.

Elaine has the following rolags available

Black Alpaca/Arapawa Sheep

White Alpaca/Merino

Mohair (goat)

Abgora Rabbit

This batch has a small amount of silver Angelina fibre for glitter effect, there is some available without the Angelina fibre effect

Cost per 25gm is $NZ7.50 + postage

Miniature Kunekune Piglets

Our gorgeous harvest of Kunekune piglets will be available to go to their new homes in late November at a cost of $110.00inc

Place your orders now as these guys wont last long.

Natural Animal Health Remedy Books

Chris's brother Mark Gilberd is an Austaralian based homeopath and medical herbalist who specialises in natural animal remedies and has published a series of books on animal health

These are now available through Warwickz Farm and cover poultry, pigs, horses, cats and dogs, goats and sheep. Books cost from $NZ28.00 +P&P. (comprehensive details of individual books can be sent on application pre purchase)

COST Poultry Book $NZ 31.00 inc postage and packaging

Mini Lop Rabbits *

More available soon.

These adorable Mini Lop rabbits are nearly ready to go to their new homes.

Well handled and very sociable these delightful little rascals will not be available for long

COST $NZ60.00ea includes RCD vaccinations (for calici virus) and a new home starter kit.

Watch this space for our next litter which will be available soon

Contact Warwickz Farm, 3187 Main South Road, Dunsandel, Mid Canterbury Phone 643 325-4116