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Stargazing at Warwickz Farm

Warwickz Farm transforms itself from a beautiful rural farm setting during the day into a perfect viewing platform to observe our magnificent night sky.

Recently, 4,300 square kilometres of New Zealands South Island was recognised as an International Dark Sky Reserve, the largest reserve of this type worldwide.

Covering much of the Aoraki/Mount Cook Mackenzie region, the Dark Sky Reserve has been labelled as one of the best stargazing sites on earth.

The Southern Lights

Warwickz Farm is only a few hours drive away from the perfect place to view these awesome wonders of nature and even the views from here are stunning as you can see.

If you come in winter, you might be lucky enough to catch the symphony of colour that is the Aurora Australis.

Identical to the Northern Lights, this phenomenon is caused by the collision of atoms and energy-charged particles above the North and South Poles.

These collisions are brought to life by spectacular sheets of purple, green, yellow and blue that dance silently across the night sky.

The Southern Lights are seen mainly in the southern half of the South Island, in and around Lake Tekapo, Dunedin, Queenstown, Southland and Stewart Island.

To maximise your chances, aim for a clear winter's night close to a new moon in either July or August.

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