Did you know that alpacas generally give birth only on sunny days, during daylight hours?

Best friends Shyloh, another one of our studs Bookends Earl (Grey),our studly cuppa tea Lucas,another ribbon winning young stud



Warwickz Farm Rare Breeds Park started as an alpaca farm and our wonderful alpacas have remained our major focus over the years.

Like most successful alpaca breeders we began with wethers, Oscar, Hotsocks and Spot who gently taught us about the breed and encouraged us to take the next step of acquiring Diamond a lovely female and establishing our own herd.

Alpacas are members of the South American camelid family bred over 6000 years ago from the wild guanaco and vicuna. Alpacas and their larger cousin the llama were the only domesticated livestock in the New World before the arrival of Europeans, even predating the Incan Empire.

Warwickz Farm now has a 23 enchanting alpacas in a rainbow of colour shadings from black to grey to white to brown and fawn.

Our Breeding Programme

Apart from the joy of sharing our world with such delightful animals our goal is to strive for excellence in our breeding, remaining true to the integrity of the breed as well as growing the finest alpaca fibre (fleece).

It is with immense satisfaction that we find ourselves with a herd of alpaca that include producers of excellent quality fibre and the classic alpaca look. Our secret has been in not rushing things. Starting with basic foundation stock we slowly and methodically over the years have fine tuned the genetics and worked with highly selective breeding.

The quality of our alpacas and the growing collection of Show ribbons on display in the Red Barn make all the hard work and patience worthwhile.

This page will be updated very soon with details of River our ribbon winning stud male and his Stud Services.

It will also feature some of our alpacas including some we will have for sale in a very special package for new alpaca owners.

Our current sales list for alpacas

Alpaca facts

A couple of interesting alpaca facts to keep you going

Did you know that alpacas generally give birth only on sunny days during daylight hours? How is that for good breeding tactics huh.

No, seriously, in their native Peru and Chile they are at the mercy of predators at night so have become conditioned to give birth during full visibility.

As they are one of the rare breeds of animal that do not lick their newborn dry they require sunshine to do this for them and will hold on for several weeks for the right conditions.

Alpaca Moments

These fascinating creatures are always entertaining to watch and I recall recently discovering the strength of the friendship between Spot, our appalossa wether who is white with brown spots and Daisy our pet white saanen goat.

Spot and Daisy had been spending time in each others company and appeared good buddies. It was a hot sunny Canterbury summers afternoon and Daisy was in a cantankerous mood and had taken to butting alpacas away from what she was jealously guarding as her patch of lush grazing. Late in the afternoon with patience obviously running out the alpacas began to take exception to such rudeness, especially in their grazing paddock and began chasing Daisy out of the way.

Well, Spot seeing his buddy in strife jumped into the fray and got between the now chastened Daisy and her chasers and kept a watching brief until long after things settled down. Daisy attached herself to her heroes side and behaved herself for the rest of the evening.

Along similar lines was the time a few months ago when we witnessed the truth that certain alpacas are natural guardians. Alpacas have a proven ability to protect flocks of sheep and goats and as we discovered, their own herd.

This particular day we had our male alpaca who had just recently discovered certain urges in a neighbouring paddock to the rest of the herd which included three females, two of them pregnant.

Inevitably the herd eventually meandered its way to the side of the paddock where Mr Testosterone was watching and he made the most of the opportunity to make his presence and intentions known. It was then that Hot Socks a lovely natured gentle dark brown wether with cute white socks came to the fore and asserted his never before noticed authority..

Hot Socks bravely approached the posturing male who responded in the time honoured way of an upset alpaca with a vile gob of liquid green. Undeterred the usually very quiet animal backed Mr T away from the fence then organised the curious and somewhat bemused spectator alpacas to a less threatening distance. He then stood guard keeping in line with Mr T as he paced angrily up and down the fence line.

Since then we have noticed that Hot Socks really is a natural guardian, always on duty protecting the herd whenever he feels a threat.

Our last moment involves our two babies (cria) of the time, Rose a gorgeous fawn female and River a handsome white male.

We have found that it is common for quite young alpacas to become very playful for a short period just before dusk and this has been multiplied with two cria so close in age on the ground.

They had us in fits a week or two back just as the herd was settling down for the night. The first thing we saw and which brought it to our attention was this flash of white rushing past the window followed a second later by a flash of fawn. Rose and River appeared to be racing around a large invisible oval track at breakneck speed finishing and restarting at an invisible checkered flag midway between both of their mothers.

This went on for about six or seven circuits with brief pit stops to catch their breath as they crossed the finish line. River being the younger but more determined had us in hysterics when sometimes his body appeared to be about to overtake his long unbelievably flexible neck as he occasionally wiped out on a bend.

We were a little concerned though when he lost it on the last lap, his neck ploughing into the ground and his body somersaulting over it, however he was immediately up and racing again, now a white flash with two muddy knee patches. It was after this though that Mum decided enough was enough and bedtime was declared as the shadows deepened and we wiped the tears of laughter from our eyes.

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