A must see is the pair of 120 million year old cut and polished ammonites.

Craft and crystal gallery

For visitors to Warwickz Farm, those attending tours, taking part in classes and/or enjoying our Barn Stay accommodation we have pleasure in exhibiting our ever growing Craft & Crystal Gallery.


The majority of our crystals come from the African Continent, though we do have two stunning amethyst cathedrals from Brazil. Many of our smaller precious stones and gems are collected from local mountain rivers and beaches and are tumbled in our polisher.

We have a range of crystals and minerals from polished stones to rose quartz balls, malachite jewellery to raw fluorite. A must see is the pair of 120 million year old cut and polished ammonites. These mollusc shells discovered under the ocean have red and purple opalization on the outside.

Our crystals make wonderful gifts or additions to collections and are ideal for healing and metaphysical purposes.

Craft fibre

The majority of our craft items are creative fibre products made predominantly from alpaca fibre, mohair or wool or blends of all three and include clothing, scarves, socks and so on. Also wools and fibres are available in their raw, carded or spun form.

The crystals at Warwickz Farm are used in a variety of ways. Their range of colours, textures and shapes enhance our living and working space with their stunning natural beauty. Our crystals can also be used for healing and creative purposes; tapping into their vibrations and energies assists in a variety of ways from enhancing creativity by creative visualisations to reducing the stress and pain of a headache. Crafters often comment on how peaceful and relaxing our craft workroom environment is, perhaps it has something to do with our two magnificent amethyst cathedrals.

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